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In a world of whispers and shattered dreams,

A broken marriage, it silently screams.

I stand here, torn, with a heavy heart,

Longing for a chance to restart.

Oh, how I yearn to mend what's been torn,

To heal the wounds, to be reborn.

For the sake of our children, innocent and pure,

Caught in the middle, their hearts unsure.

Three little souls who deserve much more,

Than a fractured home, where love is sore.

I see their eyes, filled with sadness and fear,

And I vow to wipe away every tear.

We once danced in the moonlight's gleam,

Promised forever, an everlasting dream.

Though shadows loom, hope still resides,

With determination, we can turn the tides.

Let us find strength in our shared history,

Rediscover the love, unlock the mystery.

For our children's sake, let's bridge the divide,

And let our broken marriage truly subside.

May forgiveness guide us through the strife,

And rekindle the flame, breathe back life.

Together, we'll mend what's been torn apart,

And create a love story, a brand-new start.

Ryan Lee the mover....

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