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∴Behind The 8-Ball➠🎱∴

So I always come out of moving season. Feeling like I may not have done enough. Even tho I have. And even though my company is being rebranded for the better. New logo. New website. A real website that I actually personally own. Not a template website like Wix. On a template website like that? You can only do so much. So I'm feeling pretty good about that one. And I started the company with nothing in my pockets. I just jumped back into the game. After a long 9-month break from 8 yrs of cash labor moving. Hell, my logo and my first 300 shirts were designed from my android phone. So I made plenty of money off of this whole thing. Might as well let some professionals handle it. Plus I get 12 keywords a month. For my SEO. "search engine optimization." And a great youtube channel. That will have videos and promos cut for me. And posted and maintained. For the next year. I guess a lot of ads are on youtube. And I need every angle I can get. It's just about money. And hopefully if done right. By the time, the next season comes around. I'll be sitting at the top of the google results. For movers in central, Ks. This is a hard industry. It's even harder if you're not online. With a website and a marketing team behind you! It's all about who you know. And about how much money is in you're pockets. That's the new war being fought! Covid ushered in a new reality. The reality is, that only about 40% of moving. Is actually done in our reality. That;='s servicing moves mainly. Or on-site estimates. The rest my friend. Is all on google. Everyone knows to go to google. And why not be setting good with them? It pays the bills. And feels great doing your own thing! And more and more cash labor crews keep popping up in Wichita. The last time I checked was a few weeks ago. There were about 11 crews in central, ks alone. That's not including up toward manhattan. There is about the same in that market. As Wichita has. And I'm not too worried about crews. I'm established. I'm not just a crew leader. I'm not just booking van-line drivers here. I'm serving the community. I'm actually doing more than any crew lead in ks. And I can't just focus on van-line jobs. When my own brand is on the line here. I'd let the van-line side of things go in a hurry. If I felt like I was holding myself back from being a moving CEO. I mean do what pays right? Well, crew leading doesn't really pay shit. And what? Some guys with a 20$ shirt. And a dolly, is going just make my life hell? Sheeeesh Get a grip! Get on this level. Then we'll talk Kansas lumpers. Until that time. Continue to bow down yo. I run this state. And issues will arise in other crews. So I mean I know how this industry works. And I love it. I also love competition. Look. At the end of the day? It's just Ryan. In about 4 yrs? It will be ryan and his oldest daughter. I did this all so my kids could have something at least. Worth working for as a young adult. So the future is bright.

But things have really taken off! Thx again guys!

・🅗ey btw! Our facebook labor group. Is linked below. Plz tab and join us. We're really growing a lot! And would love to have you. Mover or not! Thx!


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