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Living isn’t just living! Wake up with this blissful piece of reality.

Something so not selfish. What took you away, who, and why do we just give up on life's paths?

This a poem I wrote...

In this game called life, there's much to explore

Every twist and turn, a chance to adore

Challenges may arise, like hurdles to face

But with determination, you'll find your place

It's not always easy, this journey we're on

There may be setbacks, but keep pushing on

For every failure, there's a lesson to learn

And with each success, your spirit will yearn

Take risks, be bold, don't hold back your might

Embrace the unknown, and let your heart take flight

In every moment, there's a chance to grow

To discover your purpose, let your true colors show

The beauty of life lies in the unknown

So savor each moment, like seeds that are sown

Embrace the diversity, the highs and the lows

And find joy in the journey, wherever it goes

Remember that words hold truth,

You can't escape life, that much is true

But make every day count, with passion and zest

For in the end, it's the memories that are truly the best

By: Ryan ✝️♾️.

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