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Out here gettin it!

So I'm out here in dodge city ks. Covering a really cool driver. 2nd story apt run. No biggie. Got a new guy and my guy Derick along for the ride today. Packed yesterday. Done by noon. So today, we are just gonna send it. I literally have three estimates lined up for today. In Hutchinson, 2 hrs away. So deff gonna be on the gas to kill this job. Ya know. The art of getting into the house. And quickly exiting the house. To bring out another load. Is a lost art I swear. Regardless if you loading or not? To stay in the house, and cause more stress on your team. a 2 min timer should be on in your head. Wrap it up, grab something else and send it to the truck. If it's sitting in the house. Or if you only pad wrap furniture? And just leave it for someone to run out? That's bs man. That's not moving. Things have to be exiting the house. This is one reason sh** crews exist. Get one or two of these lazy dudes on the crew. And suddenly you are there at 8p. I'm telling ya. I do know it's a problem. And it's so hard to get them to understand this. Nobody wants the day to move like a greenhorn. Then they will have the nerve to complain about the long day. Lol Geez, these guys! lol Alright everyone has a good one. Don't be a Nickle holding up a dollar out there huh? Keep it moving... Hold it down for someone!

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