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The diff? Moving/mastery..

Speaking more to the moving/cash labor community. We’re all aware that our quality of service is what keeps us in business, right? That being said. I do quality work. Been lumping for cash for nine yrs. You tend to get pretty damn good. Known nothing but lumping up till owning my moving company. Never before have I ever worked on pay roll for another moving company. Nor have I ever bought a lead before. So anyways. You’ve got these lumpers. On sites Like the brotherhood. Super talented guys and gals. Really like the best movers in the unites states honestly. I don’t consider myself in this category. A lot will argue that I am. Thx, but these guys are super movers. So, this being the case. Why wouldn’t you start your own moving company. No truck? Rent. I still run my company out of a rental yard. It works. And materials? I got all my materials including packing and my first 120 pads all just given to me. Free. Bought my own bands tho lol. But my point is, you gotta know your own worth. And appreciate it enough to know. That others may benefit from your talents. Under your own brand. That’s uniquely all yours. LLC? Mine was painless. Insurance? Comes out monthly, I don’t even see it. It is just something I don’t get. To lump for ever how long? No insurance. If your injured your out of work. The rare occasion of a cheap driver stinks. And its 200$ plus a day in cash. Most limpets don’t even know where they stand on their creditor taxes for that matter. Nobody had showed them the right way to conduct themselves financially. It’s a up hill battle. And it’s one of the hardest jobs anywhere. If your gunna do it? Do it for yourself. Clocks a’ tickin’. Are you just labor? Then be a crew leader. Once that’s comfortable. Use your crew as your company labor. I happen to be on two movers specialists lists. And started KEM and have cared great it. And been on every move I’ve ever booked. I am also currently stills going on van line jobs as well. No way I wouldn’t be on the front lines of any move. Packing , wrapping, loading, running. I still do it all day. Making great money. Learning my seo’s, my roi report and building a website. I just love moving. Every aspect of it. Even cash labor. I do feel tho. You need a back up plan in case. You know van lines are super cut throat. Build something nobody can just take from you. I’ve had it hard in Kansas. Not the best labor state for HHG lumping. But we’re making it up. Stay solid everyone! And know your worth!

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