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Wow! Just wow! I have had a crazy last month or so. Just wait till you read this...

So I again thank everyone for joining. I do keep promising more content. I am so busy tho. I just wanted to let everyone know. That with your membership. Which is rn free. You get your own web page. That has its own encryption in google. So ppl or "followers" will follow, buy or trade with you. And not even go to my site first. It's your own platform guys! Do something with it. ya'll can also make social groups, and create blogs on my or your page. And forums! This app will be branded soon on google and iTunes. It's a bit of a work in progress! It's been hard getting us to this point! I am not gonna stop! I appreciate you all! Plz, post and or invite someone. Movers and nonmovers reside here! Learn something!!

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